Friday, July 27, 2012

'Fess Up Friday


I confess that this situation with Chick Fil A makes me sick!  The pro-gay marriage people are doing the very things that they accuse Christians of.  Twisting words, intimidation, lying, bullying are not appropriate ways to handle the situation.  We are a capitalist society so let the market speak.  People either will or will not support.  CFA's decision to close on Sundays have not harmed them.

I confess that if S. Truett Cathy and Dan Cathy were Muslims, this would be a non-issue!.  No mayor or elected official has a right to say that a business cannot operate in their city or district due to religious beliefs.  What the heck is going on in this country?  Even the ACLU came out in support of CFA's right to have a business wherever they want!  I NEVER agree with the ACLU but I guess there is a 1st time for everything.

I confess that I will be attending the support CFA day on August 1st.  I will also be kissing my husband in support of the kiss in that is supposed to happen on August 3.  Those having the kiss-in at CFA will never find more loving or supportive people to protest!  Good luck!

I confess that Six Flags over Ga was a blast this week!  My kids earned free tix for reading this year.  I earned a free ticket for being their teacher.  So much fun!

I confess that we ate at CFA twice during our trip.  The people there are always so nice and friendly no matter which one you patronize!

I confess that I am not nervous about my 4YO's surgery next week.  He is having his monstrous tonsils and adenoids removed. They are the size of a full grown adult male.  They keep him from breathing well at night so he suffers from sleep apnea.  So glad to hear him breathe correctly!

I confess that I am stoked about the Olympics beginning this evening!  I hope Michael Phelps wins a whole boat load of gold medals!  Good luck to the entire American team!

What are you in need of confessing?  Head over to Mamarazzi and see what her husband confessed for her since she is feeling a little peaked!
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