Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's Day...a truly made up, commercial holiday.  But it is a day we can take and reflect on those people who love us and care for us and vice versa.  This day should not be the only day out of the year that we show that love but it is a great day to make someone feel special.  That being said, I think 1 person always gets over looked....yourself, myself.
Most women dislike themselves for a myriad of different reasons.  Many women lack self-confidence and love for themselves.  This Valentine's day, I want you to focus on you.  I am gonna give you a home work assignment.  I want you to go into the bathroom and lock the door.  I want you to get undressed(yes, even the underpants and bra).  Then, I want you to stand in front of the mirror.  Now, if you have made it this far, you are ahead of the game.  Most women don't want to see themselves naked in the daylight.  But, do it!  Trust me!
What do you see?  Wrinkles? Cellulite?  Fat?  Scars?  Blotchy skin?  Limp hair? Hair that is too curly?  Gray hair?  Eyes that are the wrong color?  What do YOU see?

Now, look again but change the filter through which you look.  Those wrinkles mark the smiles and laughter you have shared with others over the years.  For most people, age brings wisdom.  Wear them with a badge of honor.   The fat and cellulite show how blessed you have been to have good food and for many that fat came when we were blessed to have a child growing inside of us.  Rub your hand over your belly and thank God that you could carry a child when so many cannot.  You are so blessed!  Those scars are life's reminders that we don't always succeed at first but we keep getting back out there and trying until we get it right.  Run you finger over the bumpy scar and remember what you learned from that particular incident.  How were you changed?  Did you mature?  If you have a C-section scar or like me a scar from the belly-button to the pubis bone, thank God that doctors have the wisdom and knowledge to do what they must to save ours and our children's lives.
Do you have freckles or skin that doesn't look like the model on the cover of the magazine?  Well, she looks like you in the mirror.  We don't have someone to air brush us in real life.  I got the freckles and discoloration from the sun.  I can feel its warmth on my skin and the sand between my toes.  I am thankful for the Vitamin D that it gave me.  Every freckle/mole has a story.  Hair....there is not a woman out there who wouldn't change their hair.  Too curly?  Too straight?  Too thick?  Too thin?  Gray?  Do a search on women who are battling cancer and they have none.  I think that they learn to appreciate it over the years.  Your hair keeps your head warm and protected from the sun.  Gray hairs?  Well, that marks the passage of time kind of like a time line.  Mine are there but they are covered up by Miss Clairol.  I use to complain about the thickness(or lack thereof) of my hair.  Until I had a child born with hair just like mine.  It is beautiful and if it is on her, then so it must be on me.  Do you like your eyes?  Maybe they are the wrong color or don't have enough eyelashes.  The depth of love that can be viewed by looking into your eyes is immeasurable.  They are the windows to our hearts.  We have a hard time hiding how we feel because of our eyes.  Why do you think poker players wear sunglasses?  Think of the tears that have flowed down from your eyes.  Know that God has seen everyone and has kept a record of it in a book!
Let's change the way we love ourselves.  Be thankful for those things about which you are so critical.  Try to look at the flaws through a different lens so that you can truly see how beautiful you are and you can love yourself.  When we love ourselves, then we are able to love others more completely!
Now, that is a great Valentine's present!
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