Friday, February 10, 2012

'Fess Up Friday(picture edition)

Time once again to confess and I confess that this one will be different than any you have seen.  I will confess based on a picture.  This confession is based on my sweet little guy who just turned 4 on Tuesday.  He is amazing!

I confess that I thought that this would be my last night on earth!

This is my little guy just minutes after being born!

This is 5-10 minutes before I flat line on the OR table.

CPAP mavchine to inflate the lungs

The 1st time I saw him after 36 hours of ICU.

Blowing out his 4 candles!  Every day is a miracle!

Superman cake, as requested!

Mamarazzi is confessing so head over and see what she is laying out there!


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