Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Than Conquerors

In school today, we were learning about conquistadores coming to America and marching through the land with their weapons and diseases.  They either killed or enslaved and entire race of people.  But when that wasn't enough, they bought slaves from Muslim traders.  But the Muslims couldn't keep pace, so the Spaniards went to West Africa and began tromping through villages there enslaving men, women, and children.  These innocent people were then shipped over the Atlantic and put to work until they died.  They went unwillingly.
This got me thinking about Paul saying that we are slaves to sin.  Were we forced into going across the ocean or did we go willingly?  I think that we go.  Not just go but we jump on board the ship, go below decks, and put the shackles on our own legs.  We think it is going to be this great adventure but like slaves prior to us, we find out that there is not enough food, water, or sunlight.  The slave master is harsh and unforgiving and the pain we experience is unrelenting.  The few minutes of pleasure we get doesn't even compensate for the time we spend chained up and toiling away at the earth.
Why do we do it?  The African and Native American slaves had no choice.  But we do.  We willingly go and sometimes we go with great excitement and glee.  Why?  Because, we are children of the Father of lies!  Yep, you read that correctly!  Our base nature comes from the 1st sin of pride.  We inherit that.  The slaves from long ago inherited their skin color from their ancestors.  That made them a target to the white man.  Our base nature makes a target for sin.  We can't help it.  Until....
Until Jesus knocks at the door.  Some people open the door quickly and let Him in immediately.  Others(like myself) open the door after many years of Him standing out there knocking repeatedly.  Christ is a gentleman and will not go where He is not wanted.  But He wants you and me.  So He is willing to take the rejection and neglect because He loves us.  When we finally let Him in and ask Him for forgiveness, He lovingly and gently removes the manacles.  He massages and heals our wounds and He begins to heal our hearts.  You see, Christ's loves is not the slave master.  Sin is!  Christ is the emancipator.  Freeing us from our bondage and paying the price that we owed!  He changes us!  What, then, does that make us?

Children of the King!  No longer slaves but we have moved straight to the castle and donned the royal robes of splendor.  We have a new Father!  An Abba father.  He loves us!

Mis Conquistadores!
Won't you open your heart to the freedom that is offered to you?  Jesus is standing at the door and He wants to come in.  Won't you let Him?
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