Friday, September 9, 2011

'Fess Up Friday-9/11 Edition

Confession time and in honor of the 10th commemoration of the tragic events of that day, all my confessions will deal with this topic. Head over to Mamarazzi to join in the confessing today!

I confess that I cannot believe that 10 years has passed since the Towers came down.

I confess that I cannot believe that that horrible kind of evil exists in the world.

I confess that I showed my girls some pictures of my trip to NY in 1996 and teared up at the pictures of me on the World Trade Towers.

I confess that I am glad Bin Laden is gone. He wreaked more havoc on the world than 1 man should be allowed to wreak. I don't want anyone to go to Hell. God doesn't want anyone to go to Hell but UBL continually thumbed his nose at the 1 True God and killed innocent people. Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also unto me!

I confess that I am disappointed that we have not rebuilt on that site yet. Bureaucracy and disagreements are keeping us from doing what we do best. Americans pick ourselves back up and move on. Look at the memorial in Oklahoma City. Get to it politicians and quit mamby-pambying around! We, Americans, in the flyover states are demanding it!

I confess that not inviting members of the firefighter and police to 9/11 memorial service is insulting. Let the politicians stay home! If I were governor, mayor, or president, I would graciously bow out and say that these men and women deserve to be there more than I do.

I confess that I will never forget the look on W's face as he got the news in the elementary school. You could see a perceptible difference in posture and demeanor. He clearly wanted to get out of there and be with the country who needed him. I truly think he wanted to fall to his knees right there and pray but of course, that would not be allowed in public schools.

I confess that my heart still aches when I see the images of that day. I remember how I felt when I heard the news. I can still smell the smells and see the tears on the faces of my male coworkers. I can still feel the anger and hurt that I felt.

I confess that we still pray for the people who lost loved ones, sons, daughters, grandparents, siblings, parents, friends, etc. Admittedly, not as much as before but I still do!

New York, all of us here in flyover America, love you and our hearts ache for you. We will be thinking of you this weekend. We are proud of of how far America and the City has come! I pray that your hearts will be turned toward the God who loves and heals you! He is waiting for you....

I confess that I couldn't leave God out of this post...

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