Friday, May 27, 2011

My Review-TurboFire

I have been sweating for 1 week already on Turbo Fire. It is a tough workout. While I haven't seen any results except I lost 1 inch in my waist, I did not change my diet. So starting tomorrow, I will go back on my low carb diet. I tried it Weight Watchers way and lost nothing. The best way for me to lose weight is to drop carbs and sugar. Why tomorrow? Well, I have a date with the hubs tonight and I want to eat the yummy carb loaded German food in which we are going to partake. And then we are going to walk downtown with our ice cream cones. So tomorrow. Here are my exercise journal entries for each day's exercise:
FYI: the numbers are the general time you spend on each part of the video.

Day 1: started today Fire 30 Stretch 10.... intense calorie burn, lots of sweat, cheerleadery(not a word), definitely need to do the "new to class" option, trembling, good music

Day2: HIIT 15 Stretch 10.....sore from yesterday, high intensity(thus HI of HIIT), short, lots of sweat

Day3: Rest(good)

Day4: Fire 45 EZ....I did the wrong one! I was supposed to do Fire 30 and Stretch 10. OOPS!! I couldn't quite finish it. I stood panting for the last 5 minutes. Everything is covered in sweat even in between my fingers.

Day5: Fire 55EZ........Finished! Woo hoo! <3 the music. My foot hurts a little and my knees need some work. Worked my core

Day6: Fire 30 Stretch 10......My fave by far. I feel better doing this the 2nd time. Hope it works.

Day 7: Core 20 Stretch 40.......Hips shaking, abs tight and sore, relaxed at the end of yoga. I am always skeptical of yoga. My delts are sore as are the muscles around my spine. A good kind of sore.

Take away thoughts: feel better in general about my body. I always feel better when I work out. I am going to begin to watch what I eat. Muscles that I have never felt before are sore. I know that this is going to work and as I get more acquainted with the moves and the rhythm I will get more benefit from this. I love to dance and this lets me pump up the jam!
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