Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sowing the Seeds of Love

No confessions today! Something else happened in our house today and I thought that it warranted a photo documentary. This is the way we began our day:

My sweet sweetie decided that she doesn't like the way I brush her hair(much wailing and gnashing of teeth). There is a little girl in our church who lost her hair due to treatment for a brain tumor. She came back with a wig on and the process began then. Ella was determined to grow her hair long enough to cut it off for Locks of Love. We decided this week to do it for a cute summer look. Here are the pictures as the event unfolded........

Karen McMinn of English & Company on Th0mpson St in Hendersonville was the wonderful stylist who made this little girl into not such a little girl any longer.......Isn't she cute?

She told us last night that she was going to begin to pray for the person that received her hair. That made my heart grow about 2 sizes bigger!

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