Friday, December 10, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Jewelry holder! I needed one. Or let me say that I have one but there is nowhere to hang my necklaces and they were getting kinked and ruined. Since we are broke, I had to come up with a free alternative. So I went downstairs to our storage room and looked around and found a couple of good candidates that could be used to make a suitable jewelry holder. This is the one I chose:

This window was one that Michael's cousin found and painted for me. It had been sitting unused for about 8 years. I had Michael attach some white hooks(we had already) on the wooden trim and hang it on my wall. I love the way it looks and I can keep my matching sets together. I hang the necklace and bracelet from the hook and the earrings from the bracelet. It is also aesthetically pleasing in a kind of shabby chic way! I love a solution to a problem that costs me no money!
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