Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Advent

I struggled this year with what to do about Advent. I didn't just want it to be about counting down the days until Santa comes. I wanted this time to have meaning. Last year, I bought a wooden Advent calendar that I painted(most of it). I open the doors each night and put inside a note for the child who will get to open it in the morning. So far this has gone well. They either read a Scripture and get a "kiss"(of the chocolate variety) or have to perform a task that would only mean something to our family.
This year's tasks that we have done are included below. Does your family celebrate Advent? What kinds of things do you do for it?

1)Open the Bible to Is. 7:14. Inside the Bible was a note to read the verse and then go on a hunt for the treat.

2)For my 2 YO, he had to sing Jingle Bells and then give everyone a "Kiss"

3)Open Bible. Inside the Bible was a note to read John 3:16, do a happy dance and then instructions on where to find their treats.

4)My 4 YO had to give everyone in the house a kiss before he could give out the "Kisses".

5)Instructions were to turn on the TV and look on the list of our DVR's movies and find a good one for the family to watch. I had previously recorded TS3 and of course a happy dance ensued!

So far they have enjoyed this and Michael and I have as well. We find so much enjoyment in watching our kids' faces light up in wonder at Christmas!
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