Thursday, November 11, 2010

Transparent Thursday

I struggle sometimes. Do you struggle? I would venture to say that if you are currently breathing, you have struggled or are struggling or will struggle. Sometimes I wrestle with the small things and sometimes I struggle with the BIG things. The BIG things feel like immovable mountains and seem like they are impossible. However, I have found that those BIG things tend to be dealt with rather quickly. Sometimes the small things like splinters have an initial amount of pain going in but if not dealt with right away, they will fester and become infections and can turn into the BIG things! The idea of Transparent Thursdays is to be transparent on my end. If I am dealing with some small issues, maybe you are too. Maybe somehow knowing you aren't alone can help.

So each week, I will be confessing something that I have struggled with in that week or in life. Share with me if you want to and I will post yours that you share in the next week with a link to your blog or your name or both.
They(not exactly sure who they are) do say that confession is good for the soul, so here goes:

1) Sometimes I mop the floors without having swept them 1st. I know for all you clean freaks out there, this may be an unpardonable sin. I have to trust in a loving and merciful God to forgive me. I just want to cross it off my to-do list!

2) Sometimes I just want to run away. I can't be the only woman, mother, teacher, daughter, wife out there who has just wanted to hang up her apron and call it a day or 2. Life gets overwhelming and there are times when you just can't see the forest for the trees. I become worn down, wrung out, sad or angry, and easily hurt. Instead of running out the door, I head to the bed room where there is a lock and I can be in peace for 5 seconds! I try to speak to God in my hurt but sometimes I can't even feel His presence through all my stuff. There I said it! I have felt outside of God's presence in my life! I let the things of my world surround me until I have so completely covered myself that a burka would look like a mini skirt.

Anyone else feel this way? Come on now, confess! If not to me, then to the One who is quietly waiting on you to call on His Name!
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