Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Read If You Are Easily Offended

This post is written with all Christian love and kindness. I have said all the "bless their hearts that I can but I cannot keep silent anymore: "QUIT BEING LATE TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY MORNING". Yes, I just said what every preacher and music minister is thinking but won't say. I have been singing in the choir for a few weeks after taking a long break. I sang in the choir in the 2 churches before the one I am currently in. One thing that is noticeable: people coming in late.

I can't understand this for many reasons but the main one is that I can't stand being late. What are the only valid reasons for being late? Traffic jam, being sick, sick kids, etc..(maybe a few more). What are reasons that aren't valid? Just cannot get there on time, kids being difficult, etc... Are you late for work? What happens when you are late for work? You get docked pay. Eventually you will get fired! Be glad that God doesn't fire people!

Why is this such a big deal? Well, first the level of respect for your fellow worshipers doesn't show. I worship during the music portion of the service and when you come in and make me move so you can slide in the pew, I become distracted and take my focus off the Lord.
Second, you are not giving the best for your Lord. We will often have contemporary services but I think for some people that just means casual. Those things mean something so different. God is still God and He deserves more than just a casual passing on Sunday morning. Give the same respect for Him that you would give your boss or more! Respect the people who are worshiping and where they are in their relationship with the Lord. God is worth our awe and our reverence no matter our music style!
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