Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I always make little pithy comments or say them to myself in my head so I thought that I would write some of them down. They may make you laugh or shake your head. Whatever they do to you enjoy them. This will be an ongoing post until I run out or people quit doing/saying stupid things or being stupid people.

#1 To the lady in front of me who paid with her food stamps EBT card: I appreciate that you need a vehicle to drive around in but must it be a brand new Ford F150 with Mag wheels and light under neath and a stereo system that is worth more than my whole mini van? I hope you enjoy that steak that I just bought for you!

#2 To the guys in the Kia, the mini van, and Explorer: I thank you for slowing down to get a better look at me while I was running. That makes an old lady feel great! I don't know what made you want to do it. Could it be the jiggly thighs or sweat that is pouring off of me? I doubt it! I am old enough to be a mom to some of you and that is gross!

#3 To the teen/college age girl that I saw in Wal Mart: I think that it is great that you like your body and all but really, you have 2 cracks! Yes, I said it. You have one just barely covered by the short skirt you are wearing and another "covered" by the extremely low cut top you are sporting. There are plumbers out there who would be extremely jealous of the amount of crack exposed to the general public. Thank you for letting the rest of the world see what you have to offer but I say no thank you!

#4 To the inventor of silly bands: Thank you for giving my kids one more reason to fight. As you are wallowing in the millions of $$$$ you made off of cheap, plastic/rubber bracelets(which were made in China), remember the rest of us who waste our hard earned money on this crap!

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