Friday, August 20, 2010


#5-To the guy who runs the stop sign just to pull out in front of me and goes 25 mph-make sure when you do this that I don't have my kids in the car or I may just plow in to you. Why must you be in an all fired hurry to not even stop just to go as slow as possible? Drives me crazy and I could just hit you!! You have been warned!

#6-Use a turn signal. I don't know why this is such a difficult concept! Since 1939, turn signals have been standard on cars and people must use them to get their drivers' licenses. Why then can't they use them to turn? People drive and then slam on the brakes and turn without even so much as a warning! Seriously, could you stick your arm out the window or something?

#7-Scoooooters-aaaaaggghhhhhhh!!!! I live on what I affectionately call Scooter Alley. Whenever, I leave my house, I seem to get behind the parade of scooters. There is even 1 that has a wagon that he pulls behind! I saw one today that was driving his little chihuahua around on his lap. I know that there are those who have no licenses but can we please find another solution?

#8 Parking lot violations. I am a parking lot Nazi. DO NOT drive the wrong way in a parking lot!!!!! If you can't follow the arrows and the way the spots are headed, then you should not be driving.

#9 Claiming the intersection-Be sure you are going to make the intersection when you go through it. If the light turns red for you and green for me, I am going through. I hope that you have cleared the intersection because you will be hit. You are just holding up traffic and your life is not as important to me as it is to you!

#10 Passing lane-if you pull into the left lane, 2 things need to happen: either you are passing someone on a 2 lane road, so PASS!!! If you are on a 4 lane road, then pass the person you are in the lane next to, if you are on the left. That lane is not the one you just cruise along in or meander along. This is the big boy lane, so move along!
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