Friday, July 30, 2010

Home School

The 2010-2011 year has begun! The M.E.S.S.I.A.H. Academy has 3 students: a 3rd grader, a first grader, and a very eager 4 year old boy who idolizes his sisters. Our first day was marked by spelling, math, art, writing, and a field trip downtown. We went to the Mineral and Lapidary Museum, bear hunting, and to Hot Dog World. The day was exciting all around. The girls bought their own supplies with their allowances and were so thrilled to begin! We are doing review right now along with some new things. Here is a list of the curriculum I am using this year:

Third grade:
Saxon 3 Math
All About Spelling C
All About Writing C
LLATL Yellow book(spiral) Grammar
Answers in Genesis:Human Body, Science
Story of the World:Ancient Times

First Grade:
Moving with Math A
All About Spelling A
All About Writing A
Scholastic Success, grammar(bought at Sam's)
Answers in Genesis:Human Body, science
Story of the World: Ancient times

A book I bought at Walmart

I may not be where I am supposed to be but I am trying new things out and half way through some curriculum and at mid-year, I will go to the next level. I am so pumped for a great school year! I have more field trips planned and neat crafts and activities. I plan on teaching them some patriotic songs and they are doing a Bible curriculum that I wrote myself.

My goal is to be more organized and have all my copies made at the beginning of the week instead of the night before or even the same morning. So we have 9 weeks and at my 1st break, I'll evaluate how things are going and what we need to change, add, or subtract.
Having 4 kids is not a piece of cake and I am easily distracted what with the potty training and a 2 year old who can make a mess faster than a tornado can rip through a trailer park. I pray a lot more and call on God more when I am home schooling so I guess my walk with God is more on track. I am so thankful that we can home school and I hope that God will continue to allow us to do so. Michael is still in need of a job. I could go to work full time but don't feel God is calling me to that. God clothes the lilies of the valley and so He will with us! Thank you, Father!
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