Friday, July 30, 2010

BigStuf: The End

We learned so much at camp this year. I learned that God is listening(I already knew it but it was reinforced). Several girls talked to me about issues in their lives and I'll be a monkey's uncle if God didn't speak to them about those very issues immediately. I learned that I am not a middle school person. I did my practicum teaching with 7th grade and I thought I knew that but again the idea was reinforced. I learned that people are watching us, new Christians and old. I had a girl ask me why people act all churchy in the worship sessions but cuss and talk nasty at the pool and on the beach. After speaking to her about hypocrites, she raised her hand in pure worship that night. She learned that she can only control what she does. I learned that chaperones can learn about God at a youth camp. I learned that swimming with sharks is not as dangerous as body surfing. Right, McGyver? I learned that running barefoot on the beach is hard and hurts your feet but is great exercise. I learned that the church functions well at times despite all her flaws. When we were broken down in Headlands, Al, a guy stopped by and offered to rescue us. First Baptist Headlands shuttled our kids to their fellowship hall and hydrated and fed them. We could have been standing by the side of the road for hours if not for them. In Atlanta, people came with vans in the middle of the night to take the kids and adults to a hotel. When we were hot, thirsty, and hungry, you took us in and cooled us off, gave us Gatorade, and fed us(Sarita version). I learned that a bus can break down more than once. I, also, learned that controlling your temper is more difficult than I remember. I learned that you can have fun at Jesus camp!
Despite a 21 hour ride home(most of which was not air conditioned), I learned that 1 bad day can't compare with 4 great days of fun, ocean, kids, worship, hearing from God, getting to know some people better, and meeting new people! I am already looking forward to next year!!!! Can we get another bus company?
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