Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Where the Green Things Grow

Michael and I thought that we would be more fiscally responsible and save grocery money. We decided among other things to grow a garden. First off, we didn't have a tiller. Well, we had one but it was broken(a friend borrowed and it came back not working). The Edgertons specialize in lawn equipment that doesn't work. We don't believe in buying new ones. Remember, I am an Edgerton by marriage. Anyway, the defective tiller is old and I mean really old. It was new when I was! My sweet father-in-law got a new motor and put in on and now we have a new, old tiller. This brought me much happiness! So my husband tilled the back yard. Just to show the difference in men and women, I expected a small little plot. Maybe 4x4. I had seeded about 36 plants in an indoor greenhouse: tomatoes, bell peppers, watermelons, parsley, oregano, and basil. I was trying not to be overly ambitious in my gardening prowess.
I was asked to go out and approve the plot size and location. Boy was I wowed! It was a 6x8 plot and in my mind, I could see my tiny 36 plants only taking up about 1/2 of the allotted space. My husband had other thoughts in mind. He said, "Let's go to Home Depot. I need a rake!" While we were there, we purchased tons more seeds. We come home and begin to plant. Isabela planted the bell pepper plants that we had seeded weeks earlier and then she planted the seeds that Michael had purchased that will grow into multi-color peppers. Ella Raye planted 20-30 radish plants. Summie lost interest and AJay "planted" Miracle Grow all over the place. Did I mention that he was blue? We have planted 2 types of green beans, 11 tomato plants, 15 bell peppers, bunches of radishes, black-eye peas(not the group), collards, watermelons, cantaloupe, and herbs.
Now, begins our garden adventure. I will keep updated on our successes and our failures. I am sure that there are going to be more failures than successes to report. We have never grown a garden only a few plants in pots and they didn't do all that great. I manage to grow kids and keep them healthy and alive so how much harder can plants be, right? One failure to report already. I had planted some lettuce seeds in a pot and 3 days ago I caught AJay digging in the dirt and throwing them all over the driveway. So, after fussing, I planted some more and stepped away for just a moment. Well, what happened? AJay rammed it with his tricycle and turned it over and ruined it. So no lettuce now, I guess! Hopefully, the chicken wire will keep out toddlers and wild animals as well! Keep updated for our bumper crop!

So our adventure begins!
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