Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Written words #2

It was a long drive in a light snow. Some words I spoke to God,
"Save my baby, Oh Lord."
"Take me, not my baby."
I heard, "Trust me, Child, I love you. I know the plans I have for you."

The doctor said, "Sarita, your waters are broken."
"Baby will be born most certainly within a few days.
"Can't survive."
"Too small."
"Pray, Sarita. Let's pray together."
After being admitted to Mission Hospital
"New home"
"Never seen someone last more than 2 weeks in her condition."
"Baby won't survive."
"Have hope"
"It's a long shot"
"God is not a statistic!"
We survived 76 days with little to no amniotic fluid.
Words from our church family...
"Let us help"
"We want to give your kids a great Christmas"
"We love you
"We are praying for you"(from my youth kids)
"You are doing great!"
All God's Words spoken through them.

74 total days, 35 minutes from home, church, family, and friends. 74 days of isolation. I should've been down, depressed, angry but I wasn't! God was so alive, speaking so clearly.
I got visitors on occasion & even saw my kids 3-4 times per week. My husband stayed with me as much as possible but our babies needed their Daddy. More words....
"We miss you, Mommy."
"When are you coming home?"
"Is the baby going to be ok?"
"Guess what I did at WEE School today!!!"
I even heard my 1 year old son call someone else mom.
"Don't be anxious, Beloved! I am here! I will be their mother and father."
The birth day arrives & the nurses(who had become like family) lined the halls and whispered words of encouragement. On the operating table, I was prayed over by the doctors, nurses, anesthetists , everyone! You could feel God's presence! Then, I heard not words but a cry. A glorious sound! My baby, Asa Jeb, was alive! All our hard work paid off.
Words I remember.....
"Sweetie, you did a great job. I am following the baby to NICU. I love you!."
"Tell my parents and your parents and the kids that I love them just in case I don't make it."
"Mrs. Edgerton, are you ok? Mrs. Edgerton......"
I hear the rapid beeping of a monitor and realized that it is my own heart beat. Then, I go into blackness and I hear nothing.
When I awake, I think, " I'm alive!" "Where's am I?" "How is my baby?" Why do I hurt so badly?"

Then the story is put together...
"Sarita, you lost all of your blood and got 7 units back. Your womb was completely destroyed and removed. There was some damage to your other organs but you are going to be all right! And AJay is doing well. Breathing on his own & he looks good."

Michael comes into the ICU and no words are needed. I could see all the words in his eyes. I looked bad. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at a picture of our son. I couldn't speak. God is so good and He just proved it!!

"My Child, I had you under My wings, protecting you from predators. I lifted you up, supported you, and gave you hope. I have plans for you & your family. Plans to bring glory to My name. As I say in my word, perseverance brings character and character hope and I NEVER disappoint!!!" Love, God
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