Monday, April 19, 2010

Written Words

Words...countless thousands of words. Words of hope and courage. Words of death and despair. During my 4th pregnancy, I said and heard so many kinds of words......
"Guess what, Honey, we're pregnant."
"God is so good."
Then a few short weeks later...
"Honey, I think I am losing our baby."
"Let's call the doctor."
"Yes, Sarita, you are having a miscarriage. Come in on Monday and we'll check."
"Good news!! The baby's heartbeat is strong. No miscarriage."
The same words were repeated a week later & then another week later & still another week later. Then we heard.....
"Sarita, you have a placental abruption and a subchorionic hematoma & that is not all but you have a rare condition that may cause you to hemorrhage during delivery and even die."

No words, just tears.
Then, quietly, I heard, "Do not be afraid. I am with you."

Nine weeks later we heard...
"Sarita, you are on complete bedrest. No cooking or cleaning. No picking up anything and that includes your other 3 children."

Words in my head....
"How is that going to be possible? Who will care for my family?"
"I am their Abba Father. Trust me to care for my babies."

New words came...
"We want to bring you all a meal"
"Can I come and clean your house?"
"I would like to visit you and keep you company."

On Thanksgiving 2007, these words....
"Michael, I think my waters broke."
"Are you sure? That can't be possible! You are only 23 weeks."
"Maybe not. I'll wait and see."
"Dear God, please make it evident if I need to go to the hospital."

Immediately, I felt the need to go and I drove myself to Mission. It was a long drive in a light snow.
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