Thursday, December 24, 2009

Prince of Peace

The theme for this week of Advent is peace. After watching The Nativity Story, I realized that Jesus was and is to bring peace into the world but not in the manner in which the world was expecting. At His birth and even before, Jesus imminent arrival caused much unrest. King Herod was so upset at the thought of a king coming and usurping his fiefdom that he began looking everywhere. He even had the Israeli babies under 2 killed to eradicate the threat. When Mary found out she was pregnant, immediate peace didn't come. She had to tell her parents and her fiance, Joseph. If that family was anything like families today, I am sure that no peace was to be found around that dining room table. The wise men set out on an adventure to meet a king that might or might not be being born. As they followed the star to His location, they encountered deserts, mountains, vagabonds, and other dangerous times. I imagine that this was not the most peaceful journey.
So what is this peace which has been prophesied? Is it in a murderous king? A scared teenager? Confused parents? "Betrayed" fiance? Yes!! Even though that peace wasn't visible from the outside, it was there on the inside. Mary had extreme calm. Joseph displayed fortitude and strength of character to not have Mary stoned or to divorce her. The Sages came anyway in spite the danger following an urge to see prophesy fulfilled. This peace brought by a baby King comes on the inside and develops in our character. As we surf the massive waves of life, this peace is there just waiting to make its presence known. All we have to do is let it well up inside of us until it bubbles up and overflows onto those around us. The cry of Jesus must have been like that to Mary. Born in the most deplorable circumstances, His sweet cry filled her heart with joy and peace. I have had that same feeling each time I have birthed a child. The feeling in my heart upon hearing that has been unmatched. The peace of knowing that they made it despite the fact that there was a strained birth or little amniotic fluid. That is the peace of which I speak.
Are you looking for a warrior king to come and overthrow the government? Someone to make peace by force? Or are you looking for a King who came as a baby and experienced life so that He would know what you are experiencing? Has the cry of the King filled your heart to overflowing so that it splashes on those around you?
May your heart be filled with peace, joy, love, mystery, and Christmas spirit!
Much love from the Edgerton family to yours!
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