Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jesus is a Democrat???

I was driving through Hendo the other day and on the back of a Subaru, I saw the bumper sticker "Jesus is a Democrat." I rolled my eyes as I read the other bumper stickers that were next to it! Then, I just shook my head and laughed! I hope that this is a joke and the people aren't serious. Jesus wouldn't get near any political party except to turn over the money tables of the people defiling His temple. What I want to know is why that person believes in this so strongly that he or she would place this on his/her car for the world to see. I am not sure what Bible they are reading but when Christ comes back to rule the world, it won't be a democracy or republic. There won't be voting or primaries. There won't be celebrity endorsements or debates. When Jesus Christ returns, He will return as the 1 and only supreme ruler! Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that He is LORD. Not some, not just a few, but every one. Christ is referred to the King of kings and Lord of lords. He will set up a theocracy here in His millennial kingdom. There won't be any parties or any corruption. Christ, in His perfection, will rule with absolute authority. He will be fair and just and in no way will we feel oppressed or disenfranchised with Him. On the contrary, we will serve Him with joy and wild adoration! I am so disenfranchised right now that I look forward to those days. Are you ready to bow? You will have to whether you are ready or not. People get ready!
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