Saturday, October 31, 2009

Socialism in Henderson County?

Really? Socialism! Here is the cradle of the south? Well, for sure, they are trying! I got a letter from my trash provider about our service. Henderson County is going to start fining trash pick up companies if they don't separate the things that can be recycled from the trash(per state mandate). The county board of commissioners(or whatever they are called) has also started pondering the idea of assigning certain companies to certain part of the county. So, let's address the first.
Recycling is a choice and now we are being forced to do it. I believe in taking care of God's creation and we do but does forcing someone to care about the earth really amount to them caring? NO!!!!!! You can't make someone care. If we have the option to murder our unborn babies, then we should have the option to set aside our plastic jugs or metal cans. However, in the era of big gubment, we are going to be forced to do it. My trash provider has asked that we separate our plastic, paper, and cans into different blue trash bags and put them on the road beside the trash cans. They will send a truck through on our pick up day to get the trash and then send another one to get the recycling. How does using the extra gas save the earth? Isn't the "carbon footprint" of my company increasing as they use more gas? I think so!
Now to the issue that really gets my goat. The county wants to assign trash pick up companies to different sections of the county. So if you are in the NW quadrant then you will use ABC Trash Guys(totally made up name). Now, ABC may charge whatever they want to provide this service to us. How does that allow me choice in my budget? We are on a tight budget due to my husband being laid off and we have the cheapest pick up service that we could find. The service from them is as good as the service that we received , if not better(we have forgotten to put out trash and they have come into the driveway to get it). This is pure socialism!!!! We will force you to use ABC because you live in NW quadrant and you have no competition to keep the prices from going up especially if they continue to have to send out 2 trucks to pick up from 1 customer.
I say stop it North Carolina!!!!! This is ridiculous! Consider this a promise, I will seek to make sure you don't get elected again. This is silly policy! As for the Board of Commissioners, consider this warning, you are now on my radar and I will seek to make sure you don't get reelected if you pass this measure assigning trash companies to certain parts of the county! It will become my personal mission!
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