Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now that you aren't laughing

More tips for you! I may have stolen some that you commented to me so ha! That'll learn you not to send something that isn't copyrighted!
Tip #6 Swiffer your walls. If you have a Swiffer sweeper, put on a cloth and dust your walls. If your home is old, you know the dust problems and it does settle on the walls. I can reach all the way to my ceiling with the sweeper/mop thingy and I was surprised at how dirty it was.
Tip #7 After washing/drying your sheets, fold everything except 1 matching pillow case and stuff all the sheets and the other pillow case into it. This will keep your sheets or more likely your pillow cases from getting lost in the abyss that is your linen closet. You just pull out the pillow case and make the bed. Now, if I just had someone to make the bed.
Tip #8 Keep a box next to the dressers in your child or children's rooms. As you pick out an outfit, if you find something that is too little, then drop it into the box. When the box fills up, label it with size and season and either keep it for the next child or give them to your local charity. I have found that diaper boxes work well. What to do when we run out, hmmmmm?
Tip #9 Club soda. I stole this from a friend who read it in a book(thanks, JJE). It is, hands down, the best window cleaner I have ever used. It never streaks and it is chemical free. A bottle will go a long way and you can also put it over ice with a lime and drink it!
Tip #10 (This one is borrowed). Get a dog! When your child drops food on the floor, you have an automatic cleaner upper and the dog gets fed at the same time! However, I am not ready for anymore poop to clean up. I am already wiping too many bums around here!
I hope that you have enjoyed the tips from a mom who isn't the cleanest but who is efficient, if a little lazy!
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