Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No laughing......

I guess since I am a "mommy" blog, I should write some kind of useful tip or advice post. That is what other blogs do. Since I strive to be like everyone else, here goes: I am going to give you some tips on keeping your house clean and organized.
I think that I heard some of you laughing out there. Quit it!!!! I can offer some great ideas. Just cause my house looks like a train wreck or F5 tornado wreaked havoc doesn't mean that I don't try.
Tip #1: Keep stuff in baskets and when company shows up, place the baskets in a bedroom and shut the door. Be careful not to include the remote in there or you are likely to never find it!
Tip #2: Force your kids into slave labor by making them do chores like loading and unloading the dishwasher, putting away laundry and groceries. I learned this from my mother. She used to say that this was the reason she had kids. Hee Hee! They are also good for emptying trash and organizing the recycling items. My oldest can sort laundry and put it in the washer, where it sometimes stays until I say what is that smell? Just wait, kiddos, in a few years, I'll be home free. No mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, lawn mowing, etc. OOOOO, I better wake up! Daydreaming is detrimental to the health of this post.
Tip #3: Keep a lonely sock box. I have one that is full of socks. It was started by my mother-in-law and husband while I was in the hospital(2 years ago). Some of the same socks are still in there. I guess I am an eternal optimist. I am hoping they might show up eventually.
Tip #4: Pin Swiffer cloths to the belly and knees of your crawler and let him/her "sweep" the floors for you. My kids seem to get into spaces that even my most limber broom can't access.
Tip #5: Use baby wipes from the diaper bag to wipe the dashboard of your vehicle. We are environmentally aware around here and therefore wouldn't dare waste the water to wash any of cars. How dare we be so disrespectful to Mother Nature? So, while I am sitting in line at preschool, I wipe down everything with a wipe. Hey, if it can clean AJay's bottom, then it is industrial strength in nature and can surely wipe the dust and germs of the radio knobs and gear shift.
Tips #6-10 are coming tomorrow! Stay tuned........
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