Thursday, September 24, 2009

What would you do?

If you know how this story ends, please don't spoil it for everyone else.
There is a woman. I'll call her Susan. Susan and her husband(I'll call him John) want a big family. Nine or ten kids would be awesome for them(crazy, if you ask me). They have 2 kids and then are unable to conceive for 9 years. Then, Susan gets pregnant thanks to in vitro fertilization. She begins to have problems during the pregnancy and must go on bed rest. The pregnancy puts her life in danger but due to her love of children she presses on. She gives birth to a healthy baby and the doctors told her that due to her condition and her age, she can only have 1 more baby. They do the in vitro thing again and it takes. The couple is ecstatic!!!! Four children will be great!
John gets a phone call at work that he could have never imagined in his wildest dreams he would receive. The fertility clinic calls to let him know that they accidentally impregnated his wife with another couple's embryo. The shock! The horror! They leave him to tell his wife who is about 8 weeks into another difficult pregnancy. Her last, in fact. What are they going to do?
Here are their choices: they can terminate the pregnancy killing another couple's child. It is Susan's body, of course! They can have the baby and keep him/her and face many legal battles ahead. They can have the child and give him/her to his biological parents. What a dilemma!!
I want you to put yourself in each couple's shoes. What is right? Legally? Morally? Is abortion an option if your are pro-choice? It is not your blob of tissue. Biologically, it is someone else's property. Should you get to keep the baby? Could you give him/her up knowing you cannot get pregnant again?
You fill in the blank with your opinion! My next post will be the true ending to this tragic, yet, true story!
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