Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Ending

So Susan and John are in an impossible situation. What are they to do? Well, this story is actually true and ended on Friday with the birth of a baby boy, or at least the pregnancy did. Carolyn Savage was told at the same time, "You are pregnant but with another family's embryo." The Savage family decided immediately to give the baby to his/her DNA parents. They decided that this was the right thing to do. They contacted and met with the family of the baby just to cement things. What an awesome family! What a hard decision! In a world where revenge is the first and best resort, they gave in to love. What a selfless decision! The made the best of a horrible situation. My best to Carolyn and Sean Savage and the Savage babies! May God reward you for the decision that you made and may your heartache lesson a little every day! Congratulations to the DNA family! I hope that you realize what a gift you have both in the baby and in the "surrogate" family. I guess it is sort of a happy ending!

Here is a link to one of the 1000s of stories!
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