Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bring on Health Care Reform

I think someone just had a heart attack reading my headline but I am going to say it: we need health care reform! Please, keep reading and you understand why I say what I say. The hot button issue right now in America is health care. Should we have it for free? Should it be given to us by the government? Will there be abortions funded by our tax dollars? What about the 47 million Americans who are uninsured?
Here are my ideas for health care reform:
First, get the lawyers out of my medical office. If there were some sort of tort reform limiting the raping of our doctors and hospitals, that would alleviate the some of the problem. At this point, if I get a hang nail at my doctor's office, then I can get everything they own. It is our modern day lottery system. A get rich quick scheme, if you will. Doctors make mistakes. The last time I checked they were human. If you want someone perfect, you better go to Jesus Christ, Himself, the Great Physician. That involves death and you can't sue Him for that. Stop the unnecessary millions of dollars that are being sucked from the system in medical malpractice fees and premiums.
Second, stop treating illegal aliens for free. They are criminals! They came into this country illegally thus breaking the law and are criminals. They do not deserve the best medical care in the world. They often get better treatment than the men and women who are giving their lives so that they can break our laws. STOP IT!!!! I am a citizen and I don't get it for free nor do I want the government to hand it to me! They must be required to pay up front! This is going to sound harsh but they will quit going to the ER for a runny nose!
Third, allow competition. Capitalism is based on competition. You have several stores that sell the same thing close together like burger joints. The ones who make the highest quality product for the best price get the most business, at first. The one who treats the customer the best will keep the most business. There are more than 2500 insurance companies in this country who want to insure us. Different states regulate who can come in and who can't. Why can't they all compete and the one who gives us the highest quality for the best price and treats us well will keep the customers. The other ones will try to aim for that standard. We, in America, set the bar too low. Once someone reaches that bar, they have no motivation to go any farther than that. This was true when I was teaching high school and it is true in day to day life.
In that same vein, allow catastrophic insurance. I am uninsured. I don't need insurance to go to the doctor for an ear infection. I need insurance for a major life event like a car accident, cancer, or diabetes. Right now, we cannot buy this kind of insurance. We have to have it all. Who says? Some bureaucrat in Washington to Raleigh? I don't want them to dictate what my individual life needs This is out of control government regulation! I also don't want the government to have access to my medical records. What happened to doctor/patient confidentiality? If the government knows, then they can decide that I need this or that or I am not worth saving.
Fourth, quit shoving that 47 millions uninsured Americans statistic down my throat. This number is way over used and under explained. Some people, like myself, choose not to have it. There are homeless people who would rather not as well. These are counted in that number. There are people who are eligible for employer sponsored insurance that choose not to participate. According to the AP, we could be fined up to $3800 if we refuse to sign up for some form of the proposal. $3800? Are you kidding me? So, we are going to destroy our system for approximately 11 million people. 11 million out of 300 million? We sacrifice the whole for the tiny minority? Does this make any sense? Start with the above ideas. Then, try the proposal for yourself, President Obama, Congress, State Governments. Let us know how that works out. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare seem to be working out so well for us! Please, don't make this a do as I say not as I do thing! You are not my parent and even if you were, that is not good parenting.
Bring on the reform! Get rid of everyone in Washington and start fresh. You can bet if you don't listen to us, we will get rid of you!
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