Monday, January 12, 2009

Blast from the past

I recovered these entries from the LotsaHelpingHands website and after crying for a while, I thought that I'd post them. They brought me some encouragement.

posted by Sarita Edgerton, Wednesday, 11/28/07, 10:44 AM
Just an update. We got our MRI results back from yesterday and it is not good news. The placenta seems to be doing its own thing. It seems poised to attack my bladder and abdomen wall. With this condition, it never gets better only stays the same or gets worse. I'll kind of give you the lowdown. Basically, your placenta is made of blood vessels that nourish the baby. Rarely, these blood vessels attach too tightly to the uterus. This is called accreta. If the blood vessels get to the wall of the uterus, it is called increta. If it stops there, then a hysterectomy will fix the problem. If it decides that it wants to go through the wall, then like an alien it'll need to feed. It begins to attack whatever it can find like bladder, intestines, artery and feed off that. At the time of surgery, the disconnection of those vessels gets messy and that is when blood transfusions are necessary and of course my life is at risk. The baby seems to be fine right now and the longer he stays in the healthier he'll be. We made 24 weeks today and have set the goal of 25 weeks next Wed. I had my 1st steroid shot today (boy,it hurt!!!!). I get another 1 tomorrow and that is it. This will help our son to grow bigger and stimulate lung development. I am in the hospital for good. Thanks, Erin, the Daltons, and the Rhodes, for coming to visit. They really lifted my spirits. Thanks for all the phone calls and emails. I would love visitors as long as you are healthy as my immune system is compromised. Specific prayer needs: the development of the baby, wisdom for the doctors as they plan out my "birth plan", Michael as he is trying to be in many places at once, and my kids and their adjustment without a mommy. I love you all and ask God to return the blessing to you a 100fold!!!!!!!!!!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
posted by Sarita Edgerton, Wednesday, 12/5/07, 10:29 AM
25 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough exclamation points to tell you how excited we are. This is a huge milestone! The baby's survival rate went from 30% to 50% in 1 week. When I broke my water at 23 weeks, we didn't expect to make it this far. Not that we were doubting God but we just weren't sure how this would play out. I am living at Mission Hospital through the rest of the pregnancy. I have had so many visitors who bring chocolate and decorations to make my room homey and my tummy feel yummy. Thanks to everyone who have helped me to feel loved and have helped my children and my husband. Gordon Butler, minister of music, and Matt Jones, interim youth pastor, invited Michael to a boys night out which lifted his spirits so much. My children have enjoyed everyone who brought their children. They ask who is coming today to play with us. We are having our moments but we are learning to be content in all things. It saddens me when Summie won't come to me because he prefers his grandma but I am learning to love that he has a special bond with her.
God continues to teach me through this. I have been studying Psalm 91 and God's protection and refuge. Today on a show I wouldn't normally watch I heard someone say the God's protection is , like a mother eagle who shrouds her young within her wings. A predator cannot harm prey he cannot see. Since, Satan prowls about looking for prey that he may destroy, I feel he can't see me. I have felt cocooned in this room and now I know why. God has His wings around me protecting me from Satan. I am now praying that prayer for my children, my husband and family and for those who are helping us to survive this. May God shroud you from the eyes of the enemy. We love you and hope to be able to update you again next week with a baby still inutero.
Oh yeah! We have a name. Asa Jeb Edgerton and we think we will call him AJ or Ajay (meaning victorious). Now, you can pray for him by name!
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