Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Friend

I had the privilege of having a special man who was my friend. Vic Barrington was a white haired, gentle, & kind man. He was an Army Veteren with a booming singing voice. In church, Vic always sang with loud abandon to God. He was never ashamed to praise and worship God and everyone within a 500 yard radius knew that Vic was singing. I can only imagine what Heaven must sound like right now! Jesus has never heard such!

Vic was 81 years old and loved his family. I feel very blessed that he included me in that family. I have only known him for about 11 years but he thought of me as a daughter. He thought so much of me that he introduced me to my husband and said that we should get married. How awesome that he could sense that! Michael knew Vic for most of his life and is best friends with his son. The funeral was so touching and had 1 central theme. Vic's love for God and his love for his wife, Betty Jo. What a legacy he left for his children! He showed them how to love their spouses in good times and bad! Vic will be missed! Thank you for showing us that though we aren't perfect, we can be forgiven! I love you bunches!
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