Thursday, October 30, 2008

1 Whole year!

Wow! Today marks 1 year officially! One year for what, you say? Well, 1 year ago today our trial by fire began. Michael and I count it a privilege that God chose to test us the way he did. This time last year, we were told that the delivery of our baby would be dangerous for me and would involve a hospital stay. October 30, 2007, I went in for a regular check-up and at the doctor's I went into the bathroom to do as they require when you are pregnant. I lost copious amounts of blood on the floor of the bathroom at Grace. I stood there and cried and apologized for messing up the floors. They rushed me to Mission Hospital and admitted me for overnight observation. On Halloween, I was released and told to go to bed and only get out to go potty and take a 3 minute shower every other day. They wouldn't keep me because I was only 19 weeks and the baby wouldn't survive, if he was born. So, with a heavy heart, I came home. We began to make plans for people to come in and help us out. I couldn't take care of my other kids or my husband or my my home. We were overwhelmed by the response to help us. We never had to worry about who was coming in or bringing food. Things worked like a well-oiled machine. My friend, Julie, came in and was cleaning for me and she got up on a chair and dusted my ceiling fan. While that might not sound extraordinary, she was pregnant and as far along as I was. I enjoyed people coming in and visiting while they were watching the kids. We had women come in and organize my home and do dishes, change diapers, & grocery shop. It was amazing! God blessed us with a great network of friends and family. We couldn't have done this without my in-laws. Raye, my MiL, was instrumental in this thing working. I wouldn't trade her for all the $ in the world. So as I am taking my children trick or treating, I will praise God that I am able to do it this year ( I missed it last year) and that my baby lived to see his 1st Halloween!
So to all of you who were the hands and feet for my family, thank you with all our hearts. Your crowns in heaven are shining! May the blessing return to you a hundred fold! Love you all!
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