Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What your backside says about you...

I don't mean you derriere. But, it can, too. If you wear jeans that show your underpants, whether guy or girl, you tell people a lot about yourself. However, what I am talking about is the backside of your vehicle. There are tons of bumper stickers out there that are plastered on the bumpers of SUVs, station wagons, Jeeps, and sedans. They all have messages. Some people have 1 message and some people have 100s of messages. How do they expect others to read them while driving? We might be safer to text message someone! I have come to notice that the more you have the more extreme you tend to be in your beliefs, usually to the left. While you drive, notice the number of bumper stickers and the ones that have 3 or more are almost always left of center. I think that you'll find that I am correct. I don't mean the stickers that denote a team affiliation or vacation spot. I am talking about message bumper stickers.
Let's examine some of them and the inconsistencies. "Free Tibet" and "Peace, Not war" are contradictory in that freeing Tibet would involve war with China. "Love the earth" and then the driver flicks a cigarette butt out the window or a puff of black smoke comes out of their exhaust pipe. People who "love Jesus" yet they cut you off, speed, and make inappropriate hand gestures at you. None of those gibe. If I were a politician(not something I aspire to), I wouldn't want my name on some cars due to the actions of their drivers.
What does mine say about me? It says that someone in our home loves the South Carolina Gamecocks and someone loves the North Carolina Tarheels.
What does yours say about you?
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