Saturday, September 13, 2008


Since we didn't die when the Super collider started its engines, I thought I'd do some remembering. September 11 has come and gone and we have experienced 7 years since that devastating tragedy. Are we better or worse or the same? I'd like to think that we are better and smarter and more prepared. I, however, don't think it is so. As it is in the whole realm of human experience, we forget and get complacent. I remember the planes hitting the buildings and the sinking feeling that I got when I heard that it wasn't an accident and then 3 more planes. Tears flowed down my face as I watched the towers come down and people just wandering the streets looking for loved ones and friends. I remember the feeling of solidarity as Americans flocked to churches all over this country and prayed and sent money and food in the greatest outpouring of love and generosity that has ever been lavished on anyone. My husband, some friends, and I drove around our town(Savannah, GA) and looked for American flags that were flying and we took pictures of the pride of that time. But, since then, we have been allowed to forget. Out of respect for the families, the footage was not shown again and the space where the Towers stood got bogged down in red tape and poor planning. We have forgotten that we are marked for death by these terrorists,yes,I said it, terrorists! Not insurgents or freedom fighters! If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then..... We got into arguments on who knew what and when they knew it. People who don't have their heads screwed on in the proper position think that some person, even a slimy politician, would let this happen if they had any foreknowledge. That is just ludicrous and I don't mean the rapper!
I say that we are back to being September 10th people and we are resting on the fact that they probably won't do it again. They will do it again and are probably setting things up to strike. I would like to think that we have learned a lesson but I am almost positive that on the whole we have not. Individually, we know, but we are so busy trying to live our lives that we just get so stinking tired of the fight. Terrorists never get tired of the fight! They want to kill themselves just so that they can get to their "heaven". That kind of fanaticism doesn't die. It just gets stronger! This is a political season and most of you probably know which color I am, red or blue. Whatever you believe, whether it is for "change" or it is for the "maverick", you have to hold these people accountable. Help them to keep us safe and to remember because there are still families out there who are swallowed up in grief and heartache. They never forget! In the Bible, the Israelites came out of captivity and not more that a few years later, they wanted to go back to Egypt and be slaves rather than keep the faith and follow the path set before them. I don't want to go back to September 10th. I want to stay in September 12th mode. "Let's roll!"
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