Wednesday, August 13, 2008

People say dumb things

As football season is gearing up and players are getting sweaty and Michael is counting down the days, I wanted to rant about the announcers that cover our sports in the USA. They are agonizing! I love watching college football and basketball with my husband! Although he pulls for a team that gives him more heartache than joy, he comes back every year with his Gamecock shirts and paraphernalia with hope. Every year, I am right there with him hoping for change that won't leave him despondent in November. Anyway, back to the announcers. I watch these games and listen to these guys banter back and forth about the team and the game. They are supposed to have degrees in broadcast journalism, right? Well, they drive me nuts! When the quarterback throws the ball into the end zone, I hear, "Favre(I know he's not college but I like him, so there) threw the ball into the end zone." They do realize that we are watching the same thing that they are, I hope. I could understand if we were listening to the radio circa 1930s but not on TV. During basketball season, Billy Packer is especially horrible. Anytime that he calls the games for the Tarheels, he talks about how horrible they are(he is a Wake Forest fan). He could be calling the National Championship game and they are still the worst team that has had lots of luck.
The Olympics aren't any better. I was watching the mens 4x100 relay the other night. I heard the 2 AMERICAN announcers talk about how good the French were and that they were going to beat us up and down the pool(have they seen the dolphin aka Michael Phelps). I watched the 1st 2 legs of it in a reclining position(long night at work) listening to the guys say how we were going to lose and had no chance to win. When the 3rd guy in the relay got into the pool, I began to think that they were correct. No way we could win! He was almost a full body length behind and the 4th man would be hard pressed to make up the difference. The 4th guy enters the pool behind the Frenchie French man and began. After 1 length of the pool, I sat up and began to jump up & down in the middle of my bed shouting swim, swim, swim. Our 4th swimmer was swimming like he was being chased by the demons and not only did he win by a finger tip but shattered the World record! That should remind us to not count out the US! We work the best when we are coming from behind! The announcers were flabbergasted! Why? We have the fastest swimmer ever in the pool for us! Why do you doubt our abilities? To lose to the French, what an embarrassment that would have been! Those guys who surrender at the drop of a hat? Not my America! So, shut up with the stupid stories and skewed statistics and call the game with dignity and patriotism(except Billy Packer, don't pull for WFU). Why do they even have announcers for sports events on TV? Men don't listen anyway(except, of course, for Michael)! So, here's to a football season with the sound off. I can't wait!
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