Friday, July 4, 2008


Are you like me? Do you tear up when the National Anthem is sung? Or "God Bless America?" Or "Battle Hymn of the Republic?" Are you proud of the young people who salute our country at the Olympics? Have you ever cried when thanking a veteran for his/her service? I must admit, unashamedly, that I do. When I see a soldier in a restaurant, I try to at least thank that person for their sacrifice. If I am able, I buy them dinner. Those are obvious heroes but who else qualifies?
The teens that took their piggy bank money and started a non-profit to recycle cell phones to trade in for phone cards for service men overseas.
The people who give blood. My husband is my hero. He gave blood so that I might live. The Red Cross had a special drive for me and those heroes got 40 pints, which was more than they wanted.
The soldiers were mentioned but what about their families? The wives, children, and parents stay behind to keep things "normal." How difficult must it be to be a single parent and to go to bed every night without 1 of your parents? I can't even imagine!
Volunteers. So many people give of themselves everyday without any thanks or recognition. That is what makes this country so great! Helping others in need is a wonderful quality that is a reward in itself.
Firefighters, police officers, EMTS. These people rush to calls that most of us only want to stare at through the windows of our cars and homes. There are some rubberneckers out there, admit it! Some of these people are maligned and crucified in the media but I am not out there risking my life for the safety of the general public.
Lastly, those people who do what is right despite the consequences. There is a right and wrong, a sense of morals that inherently inhabit all of us. Some people, politicians, for example, don't do those things that are right and wrong but what is best for them at the moment. I think that it demonstrates the me, me, me generation in which we live. I believe that the American people, those of us who are trying our best to live our lives and raise our kids and be good citizens know the drill. Somehow, those in charge have forgotten. Maybe they haven't actually had to work for a living getting dirty, sweaty, blistery. I don't know but they live so far removed from the average American that they hardly remember that we are down here. Most of us know what is right without a Senate hearing on the subject. WE THE PEOPLE could solve the energy crisis, the health care issues, Social Security, and the immigration problem if the government would just get out of the way. WE THE PEOPLE were written into the constitution in all caps and bold letters for a purpose. Each of us has the potential to be heroes in our lives. Dig deep to do things for others.
This 4th I am striving to teach my kids what is important about America. We are still the greatest country in the world. No other country has people killing themselves to enter it. No other country gives more money in aid to the world than the USA! Not even the UN!!! I will admit that I get goosebumps when I see Old Glory flying in the sun and I hear a group with voices raised to salute it. I cover my heart every time. I cry when I think of the sacrifices that men and women have made and are making for my children and me to live in freedom. I wasn't brave enough to sign up. I sit here on my nice American behind in my made in China chair and blog about it. May God continue to bless America and may we continue to bless others with what He has given us.
Happy Birthday, Old Girl! 232 years is old but you still have lots of good years left in you! I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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