Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Are You the Little Red Hen?

One of my favorite stories growing up was the story of the little red hen.  I bet my mom read it to me dozens of times.  I have read it to my children.  It is still a pertinent story for today.  Let me recap: 
Little Red Hen(LRH) got some wheat.  She asked her barnyard friends for help to gather the wheat. They said nah.  Was it even organic?  She took the wheat and was going to process it.  She asked her friends, again, and they said nah.  So, she ground the wheat into flour.  Obviously, she was not gluten intolerant.  Then, the LRH asked her friends to help her make some bread.  They said nah. She took the flour and made some delicious, yummy bread.  She asked her friends if they would like to help her eat it.  Oh, yeah! Of course, they would!  Psych! Too bad, so sad and she ate the bread herself and shared it with her chicks!  Such a hater, right?
My question is, who are you? Are you the LRH or are you the friends?  I am sure the friends had other things going on in their lives. So did the LRH.  I am sure she had to clean the coop and bathe the chicks and do her Yogalates to work off the chicky weight.  To her, the barnyard was her community.  Why would the others be so eager to share the benefits of her hard work when they wouldn't share the load of that work?
In our community, whether that is church or our actual town or neighborhood or school or any other organization, there is an average of 20% of the people doing 80% of the work.  If you have heard that stat before, then reverse it. 80% of the people doing 20% of the work.  That is alarming!  We are all busy but if we commit to an organization or group, then why wouldn't we want to commit wholeheartedly?  We all want to eat the yummy bread but do we want to help make it?  We all want our children to have good schools but do we volunteer when we are needed?  We all want our church to function and do good in our community but do we sit back and assume that someone else will teach a Sunday school or Heaven forbid, tithe?  Does that mean that we should do everything? No!  If 1 little animal in the hood had helped the LRH, then maybe the process of making the bread would have been easier on her and she could have spent some more time relaxing in a bubble bath or having a glass of corn wine or reading a book.  Everyone would have greater satisfaction in the end result!
Can we commit to helping those in our community?  Can we all commit to ease the burden on those who lead?
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