Thursday, August 15, 2013

ABCs of Me: Goofy, Geeky, and Grateful

We are plugging along with this alphabet hop.  Now, onto the letter "G".  I chose the 3 words, goofy, geeky and grateful.  Why these 3?  They describe my family and me to a T or should I say a G.


We are a goofy bunch!  All of us like to be silly!  There is a lot of laughter, teasing, joking, and joshing in our home.  My hubby and I are constantly ribbing on one another and teasing the kids.  When they were little, sometimes, they wouldn't get "it".  The fact that we were having fun and not being serious went completely over their heads.  As they grow older, they are learning that most of the time, we are joking around or being silly.  They are learning to be the same way.  Laughter is something you will here at our home.  We are trying to be a family that laughs together instead of fighting.  They say that kids laugh over 400 times a day while adults only 4!  I don't know who that they is but they have not been in our home.  I prefer to think of it as laughter is the best medicine.  We will laugh ourselves healthy!  Are you goofy?  Do you ever just act plain silly?  Do people roll their eyes at you?  Try it!  You might like it!


I have to say that I never thought I would be attracted to a geek.  As my hubby says, a geek is a nerd with social skills.  My hubby does not border or weird geeky but cool geeky.  He knows his way around a computer.  If something goes wrong with mine, he can fix it.  I think that is a wonderful skill to have.  He likes to play video games and board games.  I like to play board games but my hubby plays games like Axis and Allies, Stratego, and Islands(a game he and his friends invented).  They get together twice a year for a Geek Weekend.  That is what I call it.  They call it war weekend, whatever!  My hubby is, also, wired to be able to fix other stuff.  Our fridge is 13 years old.  It breaks down a lot.  We could use a new one.  He keeps fixing it so I don't get a new one.  Same with the van!  It is a 1999.  It wouldn't start every other time I went out to it.  I would have to jiggle a wire for it to start.  He replaced it and fixed it.  He has fixed blown gaskets and exhaust thingys.  It has over 225,000 miles on it!  Think we can make 300,000?  That brings me to lawn equipment.  We cannot get any new lawn mowers!  He will work to fix what we have!  Our John Deere is over 25 years old and he and his dad get it running.  I know that this saves money but I can never get them started!  All that said, I love being married to my geeky, brainy, Mr. Fix It hubby!  He uses his brain and according to Ashton Kutcher, that is sexy!


I am grateful for so many things!  I am glad that my husband can fix anything!  I am grateful for my goofy, silly family!  I love that God can use my childhood and my bad decisions for a good purpose.  I relish in the fact that I am not defined by my past.  I am grateful for Heaven and that I get to go there.  I am excited to throw my arms around my baby when I get there.  I am grateful for those who read my blog and find me to be funny or enlightening.  I try!

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