Monday, June 10, 2013

From Nursery to WOW!

I finally redid my boys room.  Their room is the nursery and since they are 5 and 7, I thought that the time had come to update it a little.  I scanned Pinterest and other sites for some ideas and here is what I came up with!

Their chests of drawers before


I had an audience

I used a level and put stripes on the wall.

I found out that my walls aren't level.  I guess the late 60s didn't stress levelness.  It about cause me to go crazy!
First, the blue

2nd, the red

Then the white.  I took off the tape and the gray was in between!
Chests got a makeover


Looking good!

View above the bunk bed!
Baseball light fixture!
I have a few more things left to do to the room.  A few surprises that the boys don't know about!  I love the clean way that this room looks.  The walls were already gray from the nursery.  I touched them up and gave the doors a white makeover.  I, also, sewed a curtain and put it up but forgot the pics.  The boys were thrilled and the girls want theirs done!  I am tired!  But pleased!
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