Monday, May 27, 2013

We Remember

This morning, as is our family tradition, we delivered muffins to all the former soldiers is our neighborhood. We have 10 houses in our neighborhood and 4 former soldiers. One, Mr. Jack, served in the Korean war at the very end of the war. Mr. McGuinn and his son, Mr. McGuinn, both served. One in Vietnam and the other retired due to an injury he suffered while serving. Mr. John was in the army and served in Vietnam as well.  My friend, Rich, is/was a Marine who served in Central America in the 80s.  My friend, Skip, also, served in Vietnam. These men(& women) and all the others like him are heroes to me. They give up so much for us so that we can have freedom. I would not, could not serve in the military because #1 I am a chicken and  #2 I am too old now. For their sacrifice of their time and of their families and for some, of their lives, I am eternally grateful.
Memorial Day, for my family, is not just for remembering those who died in service of their country but for those who lost family members, body parts, and those who lost time with their families. Some soldiers go overseas and aren't there to see their children being born or graduating from high school. The spouses who are left behind are in essence single parents who struggle to hold it together while living in constant fear(see previous post) of a hand delivered telegram announcing that their soldier will not return. There are kids who don't know their daddies and mommies when they come home because it has been so long. I can relate to that just a little bit. After spending 81 days in the hospital, my 18 month old knew me as mommy in name only. I was just someone he visited a couple times a week. My mother-in-law became his mommy. I was only gone a short time but these soldiers are gone for maybe years at a time with a few weeks to visit during their tours. Hats off to you(I am literally wearing one or was until just now).
My freedom and the freedom of countless millions of people are accredited to God and to you. You make the hard choices and the tough sacrifices. Without our young men and women, there may be no Jews left or a free Europe(though that is debatable). Women in Afghanistan & in Iraq would be completely covered & completely at the mercy of their husbands. Oil or no oil, we have done a good thing. These young people have fought & died so that others might live. Jesus spoke of this when He said, "Greater love has no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friend."

This post was originally written 4 years ago but is true today!
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