Monday, March 25, 2013

Simplify Your Life......Fat Chance Part 2

If you read last week's post on Simplify Your Life, then you know that I was supposed to post part 2 of it on Friday!  But, alas, life got complicated and I didn't get it up in time.   Here it is:

I have been doing some small things to make my life less complicated.  They are a lot and I am by no means telling you that you have to do these things but they have helped me and maybe they can help you, too.

1. I wake up 30 minutes early to pray and read scripture.  This helps me balance for the day and keep me focused on what is important in life.

2. When I get out of bed, I make it up!  I have never been a firm believer in making my bed cause I am just gonna get back in it anyway.  I am not talking military corners and crisp sheets.  Just throwing the sheets and comforter up and over and making sure the pillows are everywhere.  Makes me feel like my room is clean, even when it isn't!

3. Give my kids chores!  My 5 & 6 YO boys can clean the bathroom counter and put away clothes, wipe off breakfast bar, sweep under the stools, feed the dog, etc.  My girls can wash/dry/fold clothes, put away dishes, clean toilets, push a Swiffer, take the dog out, wipe windows, etc.  Kids can do more than you think especially if you are not a perfectionist!

4. Planning meals is something that I loathe but life is easier when I have a plan.  I am not furiously running around trying to thaw out meat and scrounge up ingredients.

5. I quit holding on to things!  I have been getting rid of things that I have been holding on to.  I am convinced that I am a borderline hoarder.  I had bags and bags of gift bags that I kept because I might use them one day.  Well, they have been recycled.  I have books and books and more books!  Eventually, they will be gone as well.  Clothes that I haven't worn in 5 years, shoes, hats, etc all gone!  I am talking 6 large black trash bags of stuff not including the 6 bags of recycled materials.

So this week my life is a little more simple!  I even cleaned off my dining room table so that we could have a jewelry party.  I sell Paparazzi Jewelry and my girls are hosting my 1st party.  No jewelry is more than $5.50!  Interested?  Let me know if you are interested in becoming a consultant where you live!
So simple!
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