Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Devotion-Thief & Busted Heart

"I am a thief. I am a murderer."  Those words could have been written about me!  Yes, I am a thief.  I am a murderer.  I am a sinner.  Just like this thief in the song didn't deserve to hang next to Jesus on the cross, I don't deserve His forgiveness, mercy, and grace.  But, He willingly gives it to me and to you!

Busted heart....that described me!  I had a busted heart that was in a million pieces.  Jesus's salvation came in and took those pieces and using the glue of His love and forgiveness, He is making a beautiful mosaic with those busted ugly pieces!  The finished product will far surpass anything that any human artist has produced here on earth.  This song by For King and Country talks about how desperately I want Jesus to Hold Onto Me!

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