Thursday, March 28, 2013


What do you crave?  Chocolate? Popcorn?  Attention? Love?  Hope?  I think that we all crave hope.  There is something inside us that yearns for something better, something lasting.  We are not created to believe that this is it.  That this spin around the earth is all that there is.  Some have deluded themselves into that but that is a lesson is hopelessness!  We have children so that someone will remember us when we are gone.  So that we are not forgotten!
That hope, that craving is only satiated by Jesus.

This song along with images from the Bible mini-series on the History Channel has been amazing.  Get more info here.

The last in my series of songs and clips is coming tomorrow.  Check out the other ones I have posted this week.  Happy Maundy Thursday!
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