Wednesday, December 5, 2012

At Last, My Love Has Come Along

Meet Mr. Lyman.  He asked me just this week to be his girlfriend.  This is after he told me that I was pleasing to look at and my smile could light up the night.  He, also, told me that I reminded him of his wife, Ruth.  Then, with a dreamy look in his eyes, he told me about her.  They have been married 70 years on December 19.  Yes, 70!!!  She is the love of his life.  He could not remember his kids or grand kids but he could remember Ruth.  Mr. Lyman lives in an assisted living facility by himself.  Mrs. Ruth lives at home.  They are apart but their hearts are forever joined.  My eyes got misty.  So did his. I, of course, accepted his invitation.
Our home school association took some families and helped decorate the residents doors for Christmas.  We had cookies and punch and cupcakes but the highlight of our time was the caroling.  We roamed up and down the halls singing whatever songs we could think of for Christmas.  What amazed me is that in talking to some of the residents, many couldn't remember children or spouses or where they were from or where they were but they could remember the songs.  Some of them sang in harmony with a beauty in their voices that would rival the angels on that Bethlehem night.  Mr. Lyman sang and directed and clapped and followed us everywhere singing and dancing.  Other residents sang along and commented on the children and how cute they were.

We sang off key and off beat but their hearts were with us and were warmed by us being there.  What did it cost us?  A few hours, some songs, and apparently, it cost me my heart.  On December 19, I will be going to celebrate Lyman and Ruth and their 70 years.  Let me put that in perspective, that is December 19, 1942, the height of WWII.  So, yes, I will love on Mr. Lyman.  My kids will see that life is not just about us!  Please, Lord, thank You for Mr. Lyman.  His kisses on my cheek and his pleasant tenor voice warmed our hearts.

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