Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 10 Reasons I Would Never Be Elected...

When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to a lawyer and my teacher, Mrs. Kerstetter, said that I could even go on to be president.  What an idealistic point of view!  I would never be elected and there are numerous reasons why.  I thought I would choose the top 10 reasons and bore you with the details.

1) I am a woman.  Yes, I know that this is an archaic way of thinking but women who run for president are made into 1 of 2 things...a harpy or a ditz.  Take Hilary Clinton.  People made fun of her and her screeching.  I think it annoyed men the most and probably 1 of the reasons that Bill strayed.  Sarah Palin was made out to be a ditz.  She could see Russia from her house was 1 of those statements that people latched onto and used as proof that she was just 1 gene away from Honey Boo Boo, y'all.  When actually, Russia CAN be seen from the house where her parents live.  They were on the show Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy and he pointed out that you can see an island that belongs to Russia.  She wasn't stupid but there is an agenda and since I am of the fairer sex, I think I am out!

2) I am conservative.  I mean very conservative...bordering on Libertarian.  I want more of my $$$ to do with what I want and give to the charities that I find desirable.  I believe that the govt was set up to defend our nation and provide infrastructure not welfare nor healthcare.

3) I believe in a flat tax.  Somewhere between 15% & 20% total.  If you make $1/year or $1million/year, pay the same amount.  No deductions or loopholes.  Corporations and small businesses that create jobs in America, for America, by Americans can get a break.  But, if you do something illegal or stop creating goods made here, full tax rate, my friend.

4) I believe that you should be an American citizen to have a job, to vote, to go to school, to have a bank account.  If you don't, then back from whence you came.  I would change the citizenship requirements that make life hard for people who try to get into this country legally.  No more tether babies.  That is out!  No more welfare for those who can't prove citizenship.  I am not on food stamps nor do I take any assistance from Uncle Sam and I am a citizen!  Yep, I would send them back home.  Not a popular spoken sentiment, huh?

5) I am pro-life.  IN EVERY SITUATION!  The argument is not about the woman but what you believe about life.  If it is life(and it is), then when do we have the right to kill it?  We have become such a me centered society that we can hardly think of others.  If a baby would convenience me, then kill it.  No worries!  What about the baby's choice?  Doesn't it have a right to say?  "Well, it can't make a decision like that."  Neither can a 1 year old, so should we just slaughter them, too?  See, I am not helping my case any, am I?  Check out the 180 movie.  Very powerful!

6) I have a big mouth.  I would be a lot like Chris Christie, without the foul language.  I say things sometimes without thinking.  My mouth has often written checks that I could not cash and I am sure that when I am meeting with some foreign dictator, I would say something like, "How is the genocide in your country working out for you?"  Probably not gonna go over well.  People say they want honesty and straightforwardness in their candidates and maybe some do but I think most people just want to be lied to!

7)I believe that national and state politicians should have another job.  Run a business, be a lawyer, work at 711 for all I care.  Career politicians lose sight of what it takes to survive out here everyday.  We struggle. We cry.  We have joy.  We have concerns.  I don't think that they care.  So, they would need to work in their home states in the trenches with the common man, getting their hands dirty and making their backs hurt. They should buy their own gas and groceries. Twice a month and for 2 weeks per year, they can fly(commercially, no private jets) to Washington and meet together.  If that is good enough for the National Guard, then it is good enough for a senator or representative.

 8) I would make all politicians purchase their own health care and fund their own pensions.  This won't go on the backs of the population anymore.  If they want to pass nationalized healthcare, then they must, also, have it!  That would ensure that they had the true welfare of the nation at heart.

9) I would impose term limits on every politician.  You may only serve 2 terms for your particular office, including judges.  If you don't get reelected, then you must find another job.  You may run for another office ie if you are a senator, you may run for prez, or rep or governor.  This would keep ideas fresh and limit the powers of the lobbyists in DC.  They truly run things!

10) I would require a huge supply of red pens from the dollar store.  With those red pens, I would spend my 1st 100 days marking out items in the budget that are not essential.  If that means cutting funding from PBS, Planned Parenthood, the polar bears in Alaska, the bridge to nowhere, that studies being done on stupid things like heat makes people angry (rolling my eyes here), and other things are not important to the defense of our country.  We would not spend more than we make, nor would we until all our bills were paid(Dave Ramsey, reading this?).  Once that happens and we have some surplus money, then we will continue to make wise decisions based on what is best for the majority of the American people.  Get on board or there are tons of other countries where you can go.  Let me know how they are working out for you(see there goes my big mouth again!).

As you can see, my candidacy is doomed before it ever began.  I am a woman with a past.  I am working on my present and my future but I do have a past.  The media would have a field day because I don't think that they can see that people can change.  Anyway, vote for me!
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