Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lessons We Teach Our Children(a rant)

WARNING!  I am going to rant!  It is not political but social so turn away now, if you don't want to hear it!  Okay?  Everyone else ready?

My sons' had their last ballgame today.  They play on the same team.  It is a local rec team here in the county for boys 6 and under.  My older son has been playing for 3 years and my younger one is a rookie.  They love it!  I love it!  Until tonight...

I am the scorekeeper.  Not a glamorous job but like a toilet cleaner it is needed.  I don't mind doing it and I feel like I am helping my sons' team in a small way.  As we were finishing the 1st inning, I heard a loud voice proceed to tell anyone within hearing distance(and that was in the next county over) that we were sexists.  We force her daughter to bat last at every game.  I ignored it cause, well, she is only about 40lbs shy of being Honey Boo Boo's mom.  She got louder and louder and everyone in the bleachers began to hear it.  Then, the team came in and she wouldn't quit.  I calmly got up and walked over to her and explained to her that my son batted last in 5 of the 10 games.  She told me that I was lying and that I am sexist.  Did I mention that I am a woman with 2 daughters?  So, yes, I am a sexist(roll my eyes).  The batting line up is done according to talent level and since her daughter had never played before and neither had my son(and they are the youngest), they are at the bottom of the lineup.  I even showed her the book and she still called me a liar.  I also told her that we had run the lineup backwards and her daughter got to go 1st.  But her selective memory wouldn't allow her to hear what I was saying.  She pointed in my face and told me to mind my **&$ business and go back to being a favorite since clearly my sons were favored because my husband and I help out.  I smiled and her and pointed out the president of the league and told her to take her complaints to him but to keep her mouth shut in front of the kids.  That it was inappropriate.  She kept it up for the entire game.  I prepped the head coach for what was coming and he was ready.  At the end, while she was ranting to the prez about me(I don't make the lineup, BTW, the coach does), I had my daughters take over a snack and a drink for her daughter.  She refused them.  As she was leaving, she looked me in the eye and said that there were apparently no snacks since they were not members of the team.

Do you want to hear what I said in my brain but held my tongue?  You have missed at least 3 of the 10 games and 1/2 the practices.  You talk all game long about how she won't listen to you and won't mind.  She won't listen to the coaches and walks randomly all over the field.  She screamed and pouted during pictures.  She won't stay in the dugout and she is insolent.  Maybe if you disciplined your own child and controlled your own home, then this wouldn't have happened.  What are you teaching your child?  She can be disobedient to authority and do about 1/2 the same amount of work for the same reward as those who work hard and practice.  It is okay to talk about other children in front of those children and demean other adults loudly. 

Who wants to have her in the classroom or as an employee?  It is the entitlement mindset!  That a person should get something based on them just showing up without working for it!  I am tired of it!  It is permeating sports and the workplace and for sho' in politics.  Well, I say you better "redneckednize."
Okay, rant over!
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