Friday, September 14, 2012

'Fess Up Friday


Mamarazzi is taking a much needed break from blogging.  Head over to see Aubrey on High-Heeled Love.  She is a blogger from SC!  I am glad to hook up with her!

I confess that I am mad at our lawn mowers.  Neither one works and our grass is a foot tall.

I confess that my hubby says he can fix it and I believe him...but shhhh, secretly I want a new one.

I confess that my hubby built me a computer from stuff he had and other stuff he got at Goodwill.  I wanted a tablet but this will do!  It only cost $15 as opposed to $300+ so I am happy.

I confess that our service to commission 54 missionaries to go out to the mission field was amazing.  Some of them are going to very dangerous parts of the world that are dark and in need of the light of Jesus Christ.

I confess that I wish I could go.  I have gotten the call but my hubby has not yet and our debt is well, too big!

I confess that I asked God not to send me somewhere where women are 2nd class citizens.

I confess that I am fearful that that is exactly where God is going to send us.

I confess that this weather has been dreamy.  50s at night and 70s and sunny during the days...ahhhhhhh!

I confess that the news this week has disturbed me!  I am praying and earnestly asking the Lord for guidance and wisdom for our leaders.  This is a perilous time in which we live!

I confess that I have said numerous times, "Lord, come quickly!"  However, there are 3100+ people groups who have never had the opportunity to hear the soul-saving, life-changing gospel of Jesus.

I hope that you are having a great weekend!  Enjoy some football and fun and family!

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