Friday, April 27, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

Friday is here once again!  So you know what that means, confession time!  Time to clear the old conscience and ease into the weekend feeling free.  Head over to Mamarazzi and see why she is sitting in something wet.  Glad to know she isn't married to Mr. Perfect!  Anyway, this post isn't about her.  It is all about me!

I confess that when I wrote yesterday's post, I had no idea that it would resonate with that many people.  I only have a few comments on my blog but the personal emails and FB messages I got were overwhelming.  I struggle off and on with depression and I wanted to paint a word picture of what I feel when I am down.

I confess that I am blessed to have so many people who love me both on here and IRL.

I confess that getting 3 hours sleep last night is gonna come back to haunt me at the high school sleep over we are having with our teens at church tonight.  I am gonna need massive infusions of coffee and concealer.  Maybe I can squeeze in a nap today!

I confess that I am appalled by the bounty put on Tim Tebow's virginity.  In case you didn't hear, a website(I will not name) that is known for promoting infidelity has offered $1 million for proof that someone had sex with Tim in his 1st year with the Jets.  They seem to think that he can't make it to the marriage bed with his purity intact in NYC.  1st, have the been to the Univ of FL?  There are some hotties that go to school there and they wear bikinis.  I would find it highly unlikely that NYC girls are any hotter(no offense).  2nd, this just opens him up to so much trash and skankiness.  He has been added to my prayer list.

I confess that this week's cold snap caught me completely off guard.  I am ready for some more upper 60s low 70s weather!

I confess that I am slowly coming out of my fog, though, I don't think the no sleep thing is going to help.  I am grateful!

I confess that I am bummed that I couldn't participate in Mama's swap.  I just couldn't fit this one in!  I had so much fun last time.  There's always next time!


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