Friday, April 20, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

Time again for my confessions!  If you would like to join up, head on over to Mamarazzi and link with her.  She is amazing!


I confess that if you read my post last week about my son renting an adult movie, I should have mentioned that he is only 4 and not a pervert in the making!  Sorry for the confusion.  If you missed it, check it out here.

I confess that I got a little carried away with the perimenopause thing in last week's confession.  I was having a hot flash and lost my mind.  Sorry if I offended anyone!

I confess that this SAHM and working mother thing is just ridiculous and silly(redundant).  Do we really need something else to divide us? 

I confess that I am having a blast at the Ultimate Blog Party over on 5 Minutes for Mom.  Those ladies are super terrific!

I confess that I have so much to do in my home and so little time to do it!

I confess that my hubby going to work everyday is a MAJOR adjustment.  I am not doing it well!  I am thankful but after 4 years, I am so much more tired now that I am doing so much more in the house!

I confess that I am glad softball is starting back tomorrow!  My 9YO DD is a great pitcher and we are hoping for a college scholarship one day!

Have a great weekend!
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