Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

Time to head to Mamarazzi and confess for the life of your soul!  See what others are confessing and confess for yourself!  Here are my confessions for this week:

I confess that my 20th high school reunion is coming up and I am a bit nervous about it!  I have never been to one before so this is the 1st time I will see the people I graduated with in person.

I confess that perimenopause is a mean ol' salty b-word!  I am over her and I have to just graduate to her older meaner sister MENO-B!  Not happy about that!

I confess that my son ordered an adult pay per view movie off of the TV at $24 while at the grandparents. It was called Horney Coeds!  It was embarrassing to all involved except my son who wasn't even watching the show when they walked in the room.  Just wait until his wedding day!  I just can't believe it!

I confess that my scale has an agenda that doesn't involve me.  Why, oh why, must you act this way?

I confess that people who don't obey traffic laws are gonna be the death of me!  Can't you stop at a stop sign or NOT stop at a yield sign ?  Really.?

I confess that I carbed it out on Easter.  Is there no better way than to say My Lord and Savior is Risen than with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes?  Thank You, Lord for Resurrecting!

Have a great weekend!


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