Friday, March 16, 2012

'Fess Up Friday

Time again to bare my soul!  Confessions....ahhhh wait until you see what I have to confess this time!  Head on over to Mamarazzi and check out what others are confessing!  There are some doozies!

I confess that I did a lot of judging of people on our vacation.  We were at an indoor FAMILY water park where there were small children and very little chance of getting sun.  I have never seen the like of immodest bathing suits!  I am not sure how they didn't have slide burn marks from sliding on so much bare skin.  The message they were sending was not a good one.  And don't even get me started on the ones that were too large for the string bikini!  If your string on your bikini is covered by a fat roll, then you should not be wearing that!  Whew!  I feel better already!

I confess that I was singing some Whitney out loud in the car really really really loudly!  I like to think I sound just like her(I don't).  The people in the car next to me at the light were smiling!  Glad I could add to their face value!

I confess that my hubby and I were almost the only adults at the water park with no tattoos!  We are not  fans of them but to each his own!  I have to share this one...a guy had 1 strip of bacon tattooed on each side of his belly button with the words, "Life is not worth living without bacon."  Now, that is a love of bacon!

I confess that we sneaked AJay onto a water slide!  He was just a smidge too short and they wouldn't let him.  We waited for the lifeguards to rotate out and got him on!  He loved it!  You could feel the smile as he down!  We created a monster!

I confess that Newt Gingrich is driving me batty!  He has about as much chance of winning this election as Ron Paul(whom I like) but he won't get out of the race!  Give it up, Fat Man!  You are just ruining everything for everybody!

I confess that I have Randy Jackson's voice randomly running around in my head.  I hear, "That was pitchy dog!"  I hear it a lot!  I think I need therapy!

I confess that I had more confessions in my head but I had the Noro virus yesterday and can't remember them!  That'll learn me to write down, now won't it!


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