Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Confessional

Mamarazzi is taking some time off but since I was confessing before I found her, I will continue confessing.  I can't wait until she is back but I wish her a Merry Christmas.  For the time being, hook up with Housewife Eclectic for your confessions.

I confess that I LOVE decorations.  Not an ordinary love but an obsessive love.  Our tree, lamp post, columns, and fence are lit.  Our tree is amazing and each set of children have one.  We leave them up until the 2nd week of January.

I confess that I watch sappy Hallmark movies.  Yes, I do.  My name is Sarita and I like sappy, make you cry movies!

I confess that Christmas commercials make me cry.  I mean have you seen the Maxwell House one where the guy comes home from college and makes the parents cry?  That is a tissue moment!

I confess that helping give out gifts to local people who have little or nothing makes me feel so good inside.  For our last day of school, we gave out gifts with The Storehouse.  My 9 YO came to me and said that she loved seeing the people with smiles on their faces.  She said that 1 lady was so happy that she hugged her.  "Can we do it again next year, Mommy?"  WE CAN!

I confess that we are more like the Griswolds than we care to admit.  Each year we have more lights.  My family is crazy.  It is my favorite movie and I can't wait to watch it with the hubs!

Next week will have more confessions!  Can't wait!
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