Friday, October 14, 2011

'Fess Up Friday

I confess that this sickness has kicked my butt this week. Tired? That doesn't even begin to cover it!

I confess that having 3 parties in 4 days, plus home school, plus work, plus aforementioned sickness is about more than I can take.

I confess that I am getting old.  I am telling my children constantly to turn down the TV when they are watching something.  I tell my hubby to turn it up when I am watching something.

I confess that I am having a difficult time watching my parents age.   They are having a hard time getting around and are in pain constantly.  My dad seems to have aged 15 years in the last year.  I don't how much longer they can live like that.

I confess that I have neglected my blog this week in favor of sleep and school.

I confess that I have neglected my house this week as evidenced by the dust elephants lying around.  No one else seems to notice but me.  Let's not discuss the big elephant in the room.  If we ignore him, he might go away!

I confess that I came as close to slapping a waitress as I ever have last night.  We went to a restaurant that was under new ownership.  We went with a large group.  As a server, I am EXTREMELY understanding.  I can accept poor/slow service and even being forgotten about.  What I cannot accept, however, is for said forgetter to then smart off to me!  I know what it is like being busy with large parties but I never take it out on my guests.  I left a 15% tip for the 1st time in decades and complained to the manager.  I will not go back!

I confess that Mamarazzi is one of my fave bloggers and I am thankful for her linkup today!

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